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[Pinned] 3rd Account
Gameplay Suggestions

[Pinned] 3rd Account

After receiving a number of suggestions for allowing for an extra account to be tacked onto the previous amount, staff has decided that they would be willing to accommodate said addition, so long as the desire was truly there. If so, we will make...
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Gameplay Suggestions

[Pinned] Global Event Schedule Change

With the addition of the new Global Events, we also need a new schedule. Instead of choosing ourselves, we've decided to allow users to decide the schedule themselves. Until we've come to an conclusion, we will keep the same schedule as before -...
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Bug Report

[Pinned] Bug Reporting Guidelines

Please use the below format when submitting bug reports. Fields marked with an * are considered optional. If your worried about formatting, pleasepost first, worry later, or ask for help submitting the issue. Any information helps!!Subject:[Severi...
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[Medium] Unable to trade in items to black market when any in trade / repair

[Severity] Medium[*OS/Platform] Windows Server 2012[*Browser] Chrome[Reproducible?] Yes[How] Attempt to trade in item with either an item of the same name under repair or up for trade[Description] When attempting to trade in a sifter to the black ...
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Balance Suggestions

Chakra Power Value

Chakra power value has been a problem for a long time now. Now, I am aware that a new balance team is working on solving current issues, however, I would like to see CP bonus hotfixed even before the jutsu update. (Since we know on DKI-s example h...
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Gameplay Suggestions

Grand Market - Old offers

Hello, While browsing the GM, I've noticed there are quite few old items for sale, I haven't seen anyone commenting on this (apologies if I overlooked it).Would it be a good idea to remove offers after they are there for certain period? 1 months, ...
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Gameplay Suggestions

Dropdown for jutsus

This needs to happen sooner rather then later.The drop down jutsu list in combat blows. Its been out how long now and still giving issues. Can we please go back to point and click?
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Gameplay Suggestions


This is a long shot. But please hear me out. Syndicate needs to be looked at. It use to be my go to "village." They got nerfed so bad in the past i was the only active member there for a long time because it was so useless. Robbing got nerfed so p...
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Gameplay Suggestions

Buyable pills

With the disables and only being able to use 1 solder pills once a fight and it being rng change to get a good heal. i would like to see panacea or greater healing pill buyable. Getting disable more then 1 fight is a feel bad moment and when you a...
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Gameplay Suggestions

AI event

Increased PvP Gains are really nice, and help a lot of players in increasing jutsu levels, but this event gets spammed by capped players, and there are quite a few weaker players and cant go more than 1-2 rounds in pvp. Making it a bit easier for ...
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Bug Report

Unable to sleep after being killed while gathering mats

[Severity] Low / MediumBody:[*Browser] Chrome[Reproducible?] Yes[Description] Upon dying while gathering anything, it can be noticed that, until the user moves, he cannot go to sleep after bribing the hospital/waiting the needed time in order to h...
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Gameplay Suggestions

Jutsu Set in Combat

Hello Everyone. well so i was thinking about the idea of introducing a combat feature that allows a user to choose between 2-3 battle sets before a fight starts. Normally when we have fed, we can create multiple Jutsu sets. So how about we getting...
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[low/meduim?) Able to do EM's twice

[Severity] Low/medumBrowser used Ex: Opera GX[Description] Able to do EM's twice a day (didnt do it) around 9pm Game time on 8/14
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How to fix this?

Access restrictions prevents you from accessing this location. Be sure to check your current location.
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Gameplay Suggestions

Profession bonuses for Armor and Weapon crafters

Current bonuses for AS and WS make no sense since they won't be using item shop armor ever (not that anyone else would use them) so I propose a change from 23% armor/weapon price reduction for item shop stuff (currently) to 23% less armor/weapon d...
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Gameplay Suggestions

New profession idea - Fisher

Hello, Let's have a look on professions .. we have miner, hunter, herbalist, armor and weapon crafters, and cooks. But .. we eat fish .. where is the fisherman ? Sure, we love game meat, but, where's the fish ?'s my idea .. new profession...
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Comments and Questions

Staff questions.

Can we get a list of stuff that is being worked on and an order? Most of the suggestion we get "thats not on top of the list" or something. It would be nice for feedback on whats being worked on and stuff and communications to the player base.
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UI Suggestions

Student UI in profile

students to be displayed on your profile pageCan we have our students displayed on our personal profile and not just the public profile.
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Gameplay Suggestions

Pvp Experience

Please do something.... Its ridiculous how some people can get 3k 4k 20k pvp exp in a day just cos they jutsu spam and people let them get the kills. It's not fair to everyone else that doesn't spam or even if they spam they don't win as much and ...
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Gameplay Suggestions

Elemental Mastery Rework

I suggest that elemental mastery also be the stat that determines how much your bloodline actually boosts your elemental damage output. For example, the natural affinity would NOT be affected by EM so everyone starts with a +5% boost. A-ranks boos...
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