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#14181328 Jul 27, 2019 at 02:36 PM
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#14181301 Vildiur wrote:

I believe it is better to buff the victims of the bad RNG to counter.

If Class A can crit Class B to death, then, instead of nerfing/removing crits for Class A, why don't you just add some buff to Class B, so whenever they receive a crit you have some chance to (for example) stun Class A? although, this kind of soft-nerf/buff needs to be done carefully, as it can break games.

If Class A fights Class A, they both have bad RNG going on for them, so it is by default balanced

If Class B fights Class B, since they are not dependent on crits, this buff will do nothing.

While, if instead you reduce crit damage from 2x to 1.5x, the issue will persist, just on a lesser level, removing it, will take out a Class A's mechanic.

Of course, those particular examples I posted above are really bad, but, the point is there.

The issue with this is you cannot have an uneven playing field, right now "Classes" are offense types, there are 4 TAI BUKI NIN and GEN with them having a sliding scale for Damage : Tags TAI being all damage barely tags gen being all tags barely damage.

Outside of that we have 5 elements, all of which have FIXED tags they can use, and on a VERY limited scale, not everyone has acess to the same toys, and even if you have an element that gives you neat things your still stuck on the fence between CP or CRIT

Under the original C3.1 balance-intent CP was supposed to BREAK EVEN at 4 crits (With item update gear) meaning in a TO fight if i crit 3 times or less i lose, 4 times I TO like im supposed to and at 5+ I straight Win...Does that sound like balance to you? EVERY SINGLE FIGHT a roll of the dice?

Under current systems 7 Rounds of CP = 1 crit, you need 2 crits to break (Almost) even on a 14 rotund right, CP will actually come out sightly ahead, and this can be exacerbated by a poorly placed crit on a setup jutsu or DoT.

They just dont work well together

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#14181341 Jul 27, 2019 at 02:51 PM
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#14181325 Littlegirl wrote:

Then i request a Disable for SH/FBE. make it fair atless.

throw it on DKI

That would be broken DKI is already decent asside from the DOT tag hobbling i, if yo uadded disable chance to it it'd just be a better FotWT, im not looking for easy wins, i know how a fight is supposed to go once i see the BL im fighting against > . >

You were just talking about taking risks arphee in the old version where there was no RNG during raiding, and now your saying if you want to take risks/gamble go play a different game.

Thats a contradiction. You also completely misread half of my posts if you think I said Nin/Gen are good at any point in time and even.

At no point did I claim things are fine the way they are.

No contradictions, again the stances as mentioned were removed for breaking balance., and were much closer to a balanced mechanic than current Critical Strike, or Disables.

Raiding has no RNG that is pure skill, reflex, and latency related.

I should also note the old stance jutsu were non elemental and available to all 4 offense types regardless of element, and /again/ were a CHOICE to be slotted that EVERY player had, not the default, and that slot cost you efficieny in other regards- limiting your rotations against enemies. and OPTIONAL gamble not a core game feature that you are FORCED to contend with by default./

You cannot equate to the way CP and CS interact with one another as fundamental base systems, and under the old system, it really didnt matter because so many things were utterly broken, Genjutsu outside of YN was literally unusable end game because of a certain someones dislike for said offense.

If you agree Nin/Gen are a problem currently then you too are an advocate for removal of crit, and agree moving to a single use system is superior, and more balance, we already have flux, we do not need crit, they achieve the same impact except at a smaller scale>

Granted i'm an extremist that would have FLUX removed like pre C3.1 as well, but one battle at a time.
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#14181343 Jul 27, 2019 at 02:52 PM
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#14181201 Lone wrote:


League of Legends has RNG in its PvP with crits/%chances. WoW has RNG with Crits/Chance on hits. Almost every PvP has RNG.

as i said before those games cant be compared to tnr cos they have many more mechanics that balance the RNG from crits such as dodge, miss, parry, healing, being able to move away and create distance. RN tnr is pray to crit and pray the enemy wont crit how is that not linear???
#14181344 Jul 27, 2019 at 02:54 PM
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God himself couldn't balance RNG.
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