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Bug Report

[Pinned] Bug Reporting Guidelines

Please use the below format when submitting bug reports. Fields marked with an * are considered optional. If your worried about formatting, pleasepost first, worry later, or ask for help submitting the issue. Any information helps!!Subject:[Severi...
Small Arphee 35d
Arphee197Small Arphee 35d
Bug Report

Unable to sleep after being killed while gathering mats

[Severity] Low / MediumBody:[*Browser] Chrome[Reproducible?] Yes[Description] Upon dying while gathering anything, it can be noticed that, until the user moves, he cannot go to sleep after bribing the hospital/waiting the needed time in order to h...
Small Alistair 1d
Alistair16Small Alistair 1d
Bug Report

[Low]Javascript get disabled

[Severity] Low [*OS/Platform] Windows 7 x64[*Browser] Chrome[Reproducible?] Yes[How] 1st you need a Clan jutsu equiped, then change your clan or go to other village (syndicate too), fight against an AI.[Description] I have sacred water in my alt,...
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argel999474Small Arphee 9d
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