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Balance Suggestions

Chakra Power Value

Chakra power value has been a problem for a long time now. Now, I am aware that a new balance team is working on solving current issues, however, I would like to see CP bonus hotfixed even before the jutsu update. (Since we know on DKI-s example h...
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Inasu3132Small Arphee 1d
Balance Suggestions

Making bloodline elements more open

There are a few people who would like more freedom when choosing a bloodline, there are a lot of people who go with a bloodline and play style that they don`t like just to have the elements that they like, if their choice is even available dependi...
Member avatar small OoStormzyoO 24d
OoStormzyoO8147Small Liko 18d
Balance Suggestions

Nerf Searing Intimidation's base damage?

So its come to my attention, that i cant read and that SI's SPD boost is for 1 round rather than 2, which makes it not the insane oversight it would have been, but still better than the competition.Below you will see Searing impact, and its bedf...
Small Arphee 29d
Arphee398Small Arphee 29d
Balance Suggestions

Spire Array jutsu needs change

Recently I found that an earth/chuunin/normal jutsu Spire Array has the following values: damage: deals damage to the target damage power: 335 + 0 per level using type: ninjutsu using element: earth from general: willpower and intellig...
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Inasu9246Small Darth Vader 29d
Balance Suggestions

Chuunin water jutsus , 2 jutsus +0 increase/level

Name: Still Watersdamage: deals damage to the target damage power: 335 + 0 per level using type: genjutsu using element: water from general: strength and willpower duration: 1 leach: 1% of damage + 0.09% of damage per leveleffect...
Member avatar small kakashii.2 30d
kakashii.2282Small Liko 29d
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