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[Medium] Unable to trade in items to black market when any in trade / repair

[Severity] Medium[*OS/Platform] Windows Server 2012[*Browser] Chrome[Reproducible?] Yes[How] Attempt to trade in item with either an item of the same name under repair or up for trade[Description] When attempting to trade in a sifter to the black ...
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[low/meduim?) Able to do EM's twice

[Severity] Low/medumBrowser used Ex: Opera GX[Description] Able to do EM's twice a day (didnt do it) around 9pm Game time on 8/14
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How to fix this?

Access restrictions prevents you from accessing this location. Be sure to check your current location.
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[low] SQL error when trying to use return fuction after selling items from home storage box.

[Severity] Low [*OS/Platform] Windows Server 2012[*Browser] Chrome[Reproducible?] Yes [How] Sell any item from the storage box on the home inventory management menu, then click return.[Description] SQL error is being displayed instead of redirect...
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[HIGH] Rob range not functioning as intended and severely exploitable.

[Severity] HIGH[*OS/Platform] Windows Server 2012[*Browser] Chrome[Reproducible?] Yes[How] Use rob page around village and outskirts. EG if a player is on combat at 40,38 and an outlaw is at rob on 39,38 the outlaw has a full rob link, and the pla...
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[Urgent] Unable to delete load-outs or tag jutsu correctly.

[Severity] High[*OS/Platform] Windows Server 2012[*Browser] Chrome[Reproducible?] No / Unknown [Appears to be account specific][How] Attempt to delete "Also" preset, or change default to contain my 10 jutsu[Description] Error code is displayed o...
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[Cosmetic] Css / Style on Kage Position page for clans broken.

[Severity] Low[*OS/Platform] Windows Server 2012[*Browser] Chrome[Reproducible?] Yes[How] Visit the kage support page[Description] Page layout is displayed incorrectly as shown below.[Documentation]
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[HIGH] Hospital redirecting back to sign out page upon signing out

[Severity] HIGH[*OS/Platform] Windows Server 2012[*Browser] Version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)[Reproducible?] Yes[How] When hospitalized pay the doctor then hit the return key, this will take you back to a still functional hospital pa...
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[Medium/High] Unable to use any in game chats.

[Severity] Medium / High?[*OS/Platform] Windows Server 2012[*Browser] Chrome[Reproducible?] Yes[How] Attempt to use tavern via direct link OR key-command [Also confirmed Rumors broken][Description] Textbox and in page errors display instead of loa...
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[Medium] Glimpse / Chase / not functioning as intended in village outskirts

[Severity] Medium[*OS/Platform] Windows Server 2012[*Browser] Chrome[Reproducible?] Yes[How] Stand in a border tile for a village within the 3x3 chase range EG if i am awake at 40,38 and an enemy raider is at 39,38 they will not display where as i...
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2 issues: 1) in fighting, 2) in training

1) when I use items or jutsu in figting, the “go” button is missing. And after the countdown, the result always showed that I used the default attack which is fist. 2) there’s no option for me to train strength, willpower and speed.
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[Low]Bad element message inside pvp.

[Severity] Cosmetic / Low[*OS/Platform] Windows 7 x64[*Browser] Chrome[Reproducible?] Unknown (Prolly yes)[How]Just attacked user "Turtle" via PvP inside his village (Shroud).[Description] Everything working fine for me at least, its a bit aesthe...
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[High] Unresponsive JS error upon exiting combat

[Severity] High[*OS/Platform] Windows 10 64bit Build 1903[*Browser] 2.6.1566.49 (Stable channel) (64-bit)[Reproducible?] Partially[How] Usually happens when submitting last round of combat's attack then immediately holding down or spamming hotkeys...
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What TNR started calling glimpsing. It makes it 100% easier to snipe people. The fact that the game isn't as fast as it use to be and the combat page loads faster then battle history(Which directs you to it after combat when you move) Makes snipin...
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[Medium] Item Details no longer work in profession menu.

[Severity] Medium[*OS/Platform] Windows 10 Build 1903[*Browser] Vivaldi[Reproducible?] Yes[How] Go to theprofessions and attempt to use teh Detail button[Description] Details buttons are just displayed as plain text[*Documentation] n/a
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[Low] User Activity being displayed incorrectly on combat.

[Severity] Low[*OS/Platform] Windows 10 build 1903 / Windows Server 2012[*Browser] Vivaldi, Opera GX, and ChroME[Reproducible?] Yes[How] Go to combat page and continue to re-load it.[Description] Player last action times are being shown as a an o...
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[Low]- Scavenging food

[low] Belive when scavanaging food Ai apose to attack you.Browser used Opera GX/google chromeReproducible: YesHow:Spam scavenge food Documentation have to be linked, can't seem to get images to work
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[Low] Imperial Axe no longer repairable.

[Severity] Low[*OS/Platform] Windows 10 OS Version 1903 (Build 18362.10006)[*Browser] 2.6.1566.49 (Stable channel) (64-bit)[Reproducible?] Yes[How] Attempt to use Item Repair tab[Description] The imperial axe quest reward item from the old Buki fo...
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[Low] Secondary em quest Incorrect

[Severity] Low[*OS/Platform] OS used: Windows[*Browser] Browser used: Chrome[Reproducible?] Yes [How] Ranked to jounin and I have the Turbulent soil quest which needs you to have your secondary as wind, mine is earth, and my primary is wind.[Descr...
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[Low - Medium] C rank mission - Set a Thief to Catch a Thief requirement are set as incomplete

[Severity] Low - Medium[*OS/Platform] Windows PC[*Browser] Chtome[Reproducible?] Yes - twice by nowThe mission has 3 requirements: kill at least 3 Goto Henchman, 1 Yasuo Goto and 1 Taichi Goto. Until the players encounters one of the major AI ( Ya...
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