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I think professions need to be looked at. The small player base makes it hard to get the stuff you need to be competitive(for EJ at less) I spent a week looking for a sickle which i need someone from shroud and a polearm which I don't know what vi...
Small Littlegirl 32d
Littlegirl20320Member avatar small TheNinjaDevelopment 23d
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Daily Event Revamp

I think the daily events would need an improvement soon. Perhaps moving more popular events, like increased jutsu xp, to the weekend. Adjusting the the increased training/mission bonuses would also be helpful for newer players to catch up.The decr...
Small Liko 30d
Liko11246Small Reizen 28d
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Weekly event suggestion - replacement for "Thursday: All item prices have been reduced by 50% "

We all know that the reduced to half item prices weekly event is useless. 2 ideas of other event would be more ryo from errands/small crimes or double reward for EM /be able to do twice the EM quest. These ideas would be amazing. However, for the ...
Small Alistair 30d
Alistair4114Small Arphee 29d
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